Friday, April 3, 2015


Wow...we've been busy, but who hasn't?   We have survived the winter with very few illnesses or injuries.  Spring came with vengeance...a black eye and ridiculous allergy symptoms with all three children.   All three children are on allergy meds and two are taking regular asthma meds...tis the season!  Today was the first day of spring break and it was amazing!   We traveled to little Washington, honestly for a warehouse sale, but I will take any excuse to go to the waterfront!   It is beautiful!  We all went to the estuarium.  The estuarium was okay, but geared towards an older audience (as in 70+, jk, but older!).   The wildlife around the waterfront was awesome...the kids spotted multiple species of turtles, birds, and fish....we should've saved our money and just enjoyed a nature walk!  

We hope to have lots of big and amazing things to share this year, but at this point, time will tell!

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